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Info for Donors

The only sources of funds for the Rock Island Community Foundation are gifts, bequests or grants from the citizens of the community and area businesses. No contribution is too small, and any such tax-free and tax-deductable gift will be received with genuine gratitude.

Anonymous gifts are gladly accepted. The Foundation is also able to comply with various other conditions and restrictions which donors may wish to impose on their gifts or bequests.

The Foundation operates solely in the public interest and has no alliances whatsoever with private interests. The foundation also does not conflict or compete with existing charitable organizations - its purpose is to supplement rather than challenge such organizations.

Foundation Investments

When it was formed, the Rock Island Community Foundation executed a Trust Agreement appointing two banks to serve as Trustees of the Foundation's funds and of all subsequent gifts or testamentary bequests made to the Foundation. Thus, professional management, continuity of control and security of the funds are assured for this charitable organization.

Gifts of Cash - Individuals and Corporations

Perhaps the simplest way to give is to write a check payable to the Rock Island Community Foundation and mail it to the Executive Director at 1800 3rd Avenue Suite 302, Rock Island, IL 61201. Or call 309-269-4412 to make other arrangements. Corporate or business gifts of this nature, either for special purpose, or unrestricted, are also respectfully solicited and welcome.

Memorial Gifts

If you desire to make a memorial gift, please include the name of the person being honored, and the names of the relatives to be notified by the Foundation.

Gifts of Stock or Real Estate

Anything of value may be the subject of a gift - not only cash, but stocks, bonds, debentures, even real estate - can be donated to the Rock Island Community Foundation.

Gifts of Life Insurance

Life insurance policies can be made payable to the Rock Island Community Foundation.


Another excellent way of helping the Rock Island Community Foundation, as well as your community, is to include a provision in your will for the payment of a specific sum to the Foundation (or name the Foundation as the residuary beneficiary of your estate). This type of gift would not be payable until after the donor's death.


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